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Petra spent the last months of her life trying to put this site together so other people would learn about the care of turtles. When she couldn't sleep, she would come here trying to finish the site for turtle owners. Because of her love of turtles, instead of a donation button to keep this site going, in her memory, we would rather you donate to this turtle rescue. here.

Happy Turtle


Welcome to the Happy Turtle, a website dedicated to the quality and care of aquatic turtles with special interest in Red-Eared Slider. This site was made by Petra Grujic . She was diagnosed at the young age of 15 with cancer. She lost her fight at the young age of 19. In her short life, one of her greatest enjoyments was her turtles. She spent 2 years of her life to make this site for other turtle lovers. This site is dedicated to the memory of Petra and we have left the site with her own words. Many people shall touch your life, and may each leave their handprint on your soul. In honor of the spirit of Pep.

You will learn how to take care of your turtle and many more things. I hope you will come back and visit this site again. I will upgrade this site with new information so keep looking back here. I hope that you will be satisfied with this site and you will find information what are you looking for..

If you donít have any information on the subject you are looking for or you want to know something specific about turtles, tortoises or you are a true Turtle Lover and want to talk visit our great Discussion Forum. It will load in another window.

The Photo gallery is dedicated to turtles and their owners.
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My Turtles

I have 2 turtles. They are both Red-Eared Sliders (RES). Shell(female) and Stumpy(male) enjoy basking just like many other turtles all over the world. They really get along and they like to lay on top on each other while sleeping. They are very affectionate and they like to sit on my hand. They are not scared, because they know me quite a while. They love feeding time. They like swimming in their aquarium. They enjoy a walk outdoors every once in a while.

Watch your turtle at all times, so he won't get hurt or lost. Turtles can get lost very quickly, if they want to.

Turtles are great pets, but they are not ideal pets for small children. More about it in LIVING WITH A TURTLE.



This is the Buttercup (Red-Eared Slider Turtle).

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